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Wild Turkey Master Keep Voyage 750ML

Wild Turkey Master Keep Voyage 750ML

Alcohol by volume: 53°/106P%

Size: 750 ML

Country of origin: USA

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An expertly aged 10 year old bourbon, finished for a secondary maturation period in casks that once aged Jamaican pot still rum for 14 years.

A whiskey unlike any other in the Master’s Keep series, Voyage is the culmination of expertise between two masters of their craft, Wild Turkey Master Distiller Eddie Russell and Appleton Estate Master Blender Dr. Joy Spence. This exquisite Kentucky Straight Bourbon looks beyond the rolling hills of Kentucky to the Caribbean, drawing inspiration from the lush Isle of Jamaica to deliver a one of a kind American whiskey.


Drink responsibly.

Taste description

TASTE: Sweet and creamy with notes of tropical and dried
fruit, caramel, and aged oak
AROMA: Notes of vanilla, oak, and fruit give way to molasses, rum cake, and allspice
FINISH: A warm and long lasting finish with chocolate, fruit, and spice

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