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Talisker Dark Storm. 1L

Talisker Dark Storm. 1L

Alcohol by volume: 45.8%

Size: 1L 6/Case

Country of origin: Scotland

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Dark Storm Single Malt Scotch Whisky is matured in heavily-charred oak casks for an intensely smoky flavour, designed to capture the wild, untamed spirit of a full-blown storm at sea. Its rich flavour dramatised by careful Cask selection . Talisker Dark Storm is matured in heavily charred oak to invigorate the palate with a whole ocean of spice and smoke.


Please drink responsibly

Taste description

Nose: A salty, smoky edge combines with hints of aromatic spices and oak, developing into stewed apples Palate: Exceedingly smooth and sweet with an intense vibrant combination of fresh fruits, blackcurrants and liquorice, slowly disappearing into a tempest of rich spice Finish: Warm, lingering and powerfully smoky

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