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Havana Club Rum Anejo 7Yo

Havana Club Rum Anejo 7Yo

Alcohol by volume: %

Size: 1 L

Country of origin: Cuba

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Cuban rum Havana Club 7 perfectly demonstrates the versatility of
high-quality rum, the expertise of our Rum Masters and their deep commitment
to a complex rum aging process. “The very essence of Cuban rum” can be found
here, as described by its creator, the late great Don José Navarro. This rum
can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail, but always in good


Please drink responsibly.

Taste description

Cuban rum Havana Club 7 Años is highly versatile. Crafted for sipping, it can
be enjoyed on the rocks and is ideal for your cocktails. This dark rum,
matured in ex-Bourbon barrels, showcases the rich natural flavours of Cuba.
The spirit unveils the tastes of the Cuban terroir: aromatic tobacco, sweet
tropical fruits, molasses, spices, and vanilla from the continuous ageing
process, enhanced by the slow release of aromas.s.

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