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Nebula - Atmosphere - Rainbow Candy

Nebula - Atmosphere - Rainbow Candy

Alcohol by volume: %

Size: 1800 puffs, 6ml e-liquid, 850 mAh, 10 pcs per box, 19 flavors

Country of origin: China

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A Nebula is a
distinct body of interstellar clouds. The philisophy behind Vape Nebula is to
provide smoothness and vibrancy. The base of our products rely on the energy
and life our flavors bring; giving you a nebulous experience. The Atmosphere
is what surrounds every celestial body in space. It is where time doesn't
exist a freedom is infinite. In the atmosphere you are free. NEBULA
Atmosphere is tobacco free. It is our Zero 0% Nicotine origination that will
give you 1800 tasty puffs per device


Taste description

Rainbow Candy.
Colorful fantasy sensation

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